Best Salt Pipe Inhaler – Salitair Natural Aid For Asthma and Breathing Problems!

In todays’ world air pollution is on the constant rise and many people now suffering from respiratory allergies, asthma, and other respiratory problems. This is the reason why dry salt pipe inhalers are more and more used by many individuals.

Dry salt inhalers are based on the concept of salt therapy. Salt caves have been commonly used in European countries for ages. Salt cave therapy, a.k.a. speleotherapy has supported many people to strengthen their immune system, improve the quality of breathing, with the clean salty air relieving many respiratory problems.

Obviously, going to a salt cave is not so convenient every time you become wheezing or tired! This is the reason the Salitair inhaler was developed. It will help you get the benefits of speleotherapy easily and in the comfort of your home. The Salitair is the innovative salt therapy method and is completely side effects free.

best salt pipe inhalerSalitair dry salt pipe inhaler is non-invasive, portable device which is 100% drug free and easy to use. It is safe, clinically proven and convenient way to ease the symptoms of breathing disorders like:

  • Bronchitis, asthma, and rhinitis
  • Hay fever and allergies of the respiratory tract
  • Snoring
  • Colds, stubborn coughs and aching throat
  • Whooping-cough
  • Tonsillitis
  • Emphysema and COPD
  • Common respiratory and breathing problems

It has also been reported to effectively help smokers during the quitting time, or who have already quit and want to improve their breathing quality.

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How Does Salitair Salt Pipe Inhaler Work?

The Salitair is a medically confirmed, convenient inhaler packed with natural salt crystals from the Polish Klodawa salt mine. Its healthy micro-climate calms and cleans the cells of the respiratory tract.

SalzinhalatorWhen using the pipe, the vapor of the passing air absorbs the micro-particles of the salt, and then infiltrates into your lungs to accomplish the benefits.

Salt micro-particles enter deep into the respiratory organs, cleaning the secretion, getting rid of bacteria, decreasing inflammatory processes and moisturizing the whole respiratory system. These tiny particles furthermore mechanically clean the air ways.

Contrary to steroid inhalers, Salitair is a completely natural treatment. It is not addictive, and you can never overdose with it. It is also absolutely safe to use Salitair together with prescription medicine, it will never interfere.

Also antihistamines that are prescribed in the treatment of allergies and hay fever can often make consumers lethargic, impair concentration and make car driving, for example, nearly impossible. Salitair is completely free of any side effects!

Some methods planned to cleanse the respiratory tract like nasal douches can be really messy and unpleasant. Usage of the Salitair is easy and convenient, takes only 15 minutes and can be done while surfing online or watching TV.

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Who can use Salitair?

This device can be successfully used in any chronic respiratory problem as it decreases inflammation, unclogs the obstructions, and eases breathing.

As a preventive solution, Salitair provides defense against allergens, flu and colds, by supporting respiratory hygiene and boosting the immunity of the respiratory organs.

It is a completely safe therapy for all ages, including children and gravid women, and does not interfere with any medicine or salt-free diet. If you want, you can use it even for respiratory difficulties in pets.

It is ideal for newborns with a congested nose! Babies under 4 months old are able to only breathe through their noses, so when they become stuffy it is difficult for them to eat. Using a Salitair device will help a stuffed-up baby breathe easier.

The Salitair has been used and admired by many people including Dr. Chris Steele! He is a big fan of this device. After losing his voice he used Salitair and found it very helpful.

Dr. Steele also witnessed how it helped his secretary who radically decreased the use of steroid inhalers and in his opinion Salitair is an excellent alternative therapy for all respiratory problems.

It has been also praised by a number of other health experts around the world. Plus, salt therapy has been proven to be very helpful in various clinical trials on a different respiratory disorders and allergies.

To get the most optimal results, use the device daily as this therapy has cumulative effects during the time. The longer you use it, the healthier you will be!

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The Salitair Device Specifics

Salitair has a salt chamber, lower and upper filter, mouthpiece and end cover. The mouthpiece is attached to the chamber and it can be detached for refilling or cleaning. Closed devices have a limited use before the treatment becomes less effective, but Salitair is refillable and doesn’t have to be thrown away after a certain period of time.

SalzpfeifeThe device includes a 220g refill, which will last about 4 months of daily use.

Being able to detach the Salitair also means you can carefully clean the device with soapy water to keep it free from bacteria. Closed devices can only be cleaned with some kind of fabric to prevent the salt becoming wet and this will not kill germs and bacteria.

Inside a refillable inhaler salt crystals are placed between the filters. When you breathe in through the mouthpiece, the vapor of the passing air absorbs micro-particles which infiltrate your respiratory tract.

The moisture in the air is enough to enrich the air with tiny salt particles when the air passes the crystals. And a micro-climate of the therapeutic salt mines has been produced.

Treatment is easy and convenient; you should only inhale through the device and out through your nose for 15 min. daily.

Why is Saltair The Best Salt Pipe Inhaler?

  • saltpipe testSimple to use by people of all ages
  • Gives you the benefits of salt inhalation straight into the respiratory tract
  • Completely safe – 100% drug free
  • Refillable, use the device repeatedly
  • Hygienic and easy to clean
  • Useful and long-lasting
  • Affordable – Only £19.95 for complete set
  • 30 day money back guarantee

You can strengthen your immune system and ease respiratory problems too! Don’t wait anymore and benefit from the healing properties found in pure, natural salt.

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